Congratulations to Shengpu Tang (Leveraging Factored Action Spaces for Efficient Offline Reinforcement Learning in Healthcare) and Jiaxuan Wang & Sarah Jabbour (Learning Concept Credible Models for Mitigating Shortcuts) for having their papers accepted at NeurIPS 2022!

 Disparate Censorship & Undertesting: A Source of Label Bias in Clinical Machine Learning was accepted at MLHC 2022. Congratulations to Trenton Chang!

AMAISE: a machine learning approach to index-free sequence enrichment was published in June 2022. Congratulations to Meera Krishnamoorthy!

Use of blood pressure measurements extracted from the electronic health record in predicting Alzheimer’s disease: A retrospective cohort study at two medical centers was published in April 2022. Congratulations to Donna Tjandra!

Combining chest X-rays and electronic health record (EHR) data using machine learning to diagnose acute respiratory failure was published in March 2022. Congratulations to Sarah Jabbour!